Since its founding in 2017, Volley Design has made waves in the design scene. Powered by new talent and collaboration with a network of creatives throughout the South West, we bring a fresh perspective and great design to all of our clients.
From Singapore start-ups to household hotel brands, we’ve built up a diverse international client base. Creative, corporate or otherwise, we can turn our hand to anything in the print and digital space. Over the last year, we’ve developed a logo that breathed life into a new brand, created sleek new signage to help a coworking space with their brand refresh and got people talking about an Oxfordshire music festival with our striking illustrations for their promotional materials. In the corporate world, we designed a case study to attract new investors, worked with a business experience consultancy to revamp the layout and style of their slide-decks and created the visuals for an email campaign to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a worldwide Engineering brand.

Feedback From Clients
"James worked with me on company branding materials/businesscard design. He offered excellent customer service throughout the project and delivered a great visual design which is simple, clear and impactful. Thank you James for your support." 
- Maria Heffer, HR Consultant, Teneo consulting 
 "James is a great source of inspiration. He's full of ideas and hugely enthusiastic about the role that great design can play. I needed help to visualise a complex set of data for a client presentation and James managed to untangle my thinking and create an incredibly effective graphic which 'sold' the idea. (And as a bonus, he did so well within the deadline.)"
- Karen Birch
"I worked with James on two separate projects on the logos.James had the ability to be modern from the get go, fresh andbespoke. within a few emails we had signed off the design. Thankyou James. Volley rocks!"
- Allan Lawrence, Online Business Consultant, WebCreation UK
"I asked James of Volley Design to produce a ‘1-sider’ information document for Manage and Thrive Training, and to develop some bespoke icons for our website. James understood our brief and produced a good array of original icons, and a clear document. We were very happy with James’ service and we would definitely use James again."
- Rob Hart, Manage & Thrive Consultancy
"In the six months since James has taken a role with us he has not only got completely stuck in, but he has been able to rejuvenate one brand, while also helping to design and build a second from scratch. James is a great asset to the Cowork Inc team, he has great knowledge of design, and an understanding of the importance of brand identity. As a designer James is highly proactive and has shown great initiative, alongside strong project management skills."
- Tatjana Humphries
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